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How do I switch to Denteo?

It all starts with an initial phone call where you get to know your onboarding manager. They then coordinate the transfer of the data from your old provider and connect your X-ray unit to Denteo. Besides these technical steps, we give you and your team a 3 hour training course, so you know your way around Denteo from day one. Two weeks after your start we have a follow-up meeting to clarify open questions.

  • Clear, structured process
  • Guidance every step of the way
  • Our team is there for you

How long does it take to switch to Denteo?

Usually 4 to 6 weeks. Without a data transfer, you can even start in a few days.

  • Easy, speedy changeover
  • No long wait
  • Relaxed transition

Can I switch to Denteo while my clinic is running?

Of course, this is the usual mode. Together we make sure that everything runs smoothly from day one.

Does my team receive training?

Yes, we will give you and your team a three-hour training course. After that you are ready to go. We have already assisted over 270 customers in switching to Denteo.

  • Your team is fit from day one
  • A motivating start for your team
  • Direct answers to all questions

Can I switch from ZaWin, DentaGest, OneBox or ErgoDent to Denteo?

Of course. We work with all Swiss providers to make your switch smooth. We can also import your data should you be using a custom solution.

  • We inform you in good time about every step
  • Denteo has a lot of experience in data transfer
  • You can take the data of your patients with you

What data can Denteo take over?

Almost all: the record of your patients, medical histories, appointments, recalls and documents. Billed items are documented in the respective histories. Only current invoices and cost estimates are recommended to be closed in your old system. For special cases we will find an individual solution.

  • You are ready from day one
  • Import almost all data

Who will help me with the changeover to Denteo?

Our team will personally guide you through the entire process. In addition, we provide practical videos and articles in our help center. The changeover is simple and takes little time.

  • Personal contact for all questions
  • Articles and videos available

Can I try Denteo first?

Sure. We would be happy to set up an access to Denteo for you. Please contact us at or +41 43 505 15 51.


Who will help me if I have questions?

You can reach us by e-mail or WhatsApp. We will answer promptly. For urgent problems, our support team can be reached by phone. Every working day from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00. In addition, Denteo offers practical videos and articles to answer questions independently.

  • Fast, friendly assistance
  • Support is included in the subscription price
  • Simple software that leaves little unclear

Who trains my new employees?

The functions of Denteo are intuitive to learn. Your team can easily introduce them to new employees. In addition, practical videos and articles provide answers to most questions. And of course, our support team is always there for you.

New employees quickly find their way around

Can Denteo customise the software for me?

No, All customers have the same version of Denteo. More important for us is the close exchange with you: We love your feedback and suggestions. We always test new features directly in a selection of interested practices. This allows us to continuously expand and improve our software - for all our customers.

  • Constant improvements and new features
  • Updates are included in your subscription

Can Denteo break down?

That is hardly possible. We contractually commit ourselves to an accessibility of 99.5%. Effectively, it is over 99.9%. The rare cases when Denteo is unavailable are extremely brief and are hardly noticed. There is no data loss. We monitor our infrastructure 24 hours a day and outages would be fixed automatically.

  • More stable than a server in the practice
  • No data loss
  • Accessible as long as you have internet access

What happens if the internet goes down in my practice?

You can still access Denteo via the hotspot of a mobile phone. Our software requires little bandwidth.

  • Your data is always accessible
  • An internet outage does not delete data


Can I work with Macs and iPads?

Yes, you only need a browser to use Denteo. Our software runs on all devices including Macs, iPads and, of course, your smartphone.

  • Access from all devices
  • Access anywhere and anytime

Are there different versions of Denteo?

No, all Denteo users always work with the same version. This version is constantly being further developed: Existing functions are improved, and new tools introduced. All these innovations are accompanied by informative training videos and articles. So, your team is always up to date.

  • Your software gets better and better
  • No extra charge for innovations
  • No more cumbersome updates

Do I have to create my own backups?

No, you do not have to worry about anything. Denteo automatically creates daily backups of your data.

Can I control my X-ray software via Denteo?

Yes, via the so-called VDDS interface. Our team will accompany you during the set-up. All settings of the X-ray system remain unchanged.

  • New software, unchanged X-ray
  • Connection in a few minutes

Which billing services can I use with Denteo?

We currently offer interfaces to Zahnärztekasse, Ärztekasse, Dentakont, Zaala, MF Health and Mediserv. Do you have a question or a request? Write to us at

  • Interface to all common billing services

Does Denteo offer an interface to MediData?

Yes, you can send invoices for guarantors of the UVG, MVG or IVG directly from Denteo via MediData. All you need to do is register with MediData and not worry about anything else.

  • Simple connection to MediData
  • We accompany you in the registration process


What is included in the subscription price?

All functions, updates and extensions, daily backups, all storage space for your data, support by phone and e-mail, and unlimited access for assistants.
The only thing that is not included in the fixed price is the small cost of sending SMS (e.g., for appointment reminders).

  • No hidden costs
  • Flat subscription allows easy planning
  • Ongoing product improvements

Do updates and improvements cost extra?

No. All updates and improvements are included in the subscription price.

  • You always work with the latest version
  • Denteo is getting better and better, the price remains the same

Do I pay extra for storage space?

No. Your practice will receive sufficient storage space for all data.

Do I have to pay for every workstation in my practice?

No. With Denteo you pay a fixed subscription per practitioner. You can therefore use Denteo at as many workstations as you like.

How much does support cost?

With Denteo, support is included in the price. Because our software is simple and intuitive, we receive few questions. All the more time we have when uncertainties actually arise.

  • Free support
  • No inhibition threshold for questions
  • Our support is easy to reach

My practice only offers dental hygiene. Do I still have to pay the full price?

No, you don't have to. Your monthly subscription will be CHF 159 instead and the one-off set-up fee will be CHF 1500. Simply contact Hubert Schnitzler directly via e-mail ( or telephone (+41 79 593 28 80).

  • Fair costs for your situation

I have hired new assistants. What do I have to do?

The access for assistants is included in the subscription. You do not have to do anything.

I have hired a new practitioner. What do I have to do?

With Denteo you pay a subscription fee per practitioner. This includes dentists, specialists, prophylaxis assistants and dental hygienists. In case of a departure or a new appointment, simply send us an e-mail to We will then adjust your monthly subscription costs.

How much do SMS cost with Denteo?

Each SMS sent costs 10 rappen (excl. VAT). You will receive a separate invoice for all SMS at the end of each quarter.


Do I retain control over my patients' data?

Yes, you are always in control of the data. We store your patient data separately, securely and encrypted. If you leave us one day, we will provide you with all your data and then delete it completely.

Does Denteo use the data from my practice?

Our team occasionally analyses data to better understand how our software is used. For example, we can find out whether new features are well received or lead to mistakes. This data is anonymised and does not relate to individual patients.

Furthermore, we do not pass on any data to third parties. The only exception is billing data if you use a billing service (ZAK, Dentakont etc.). In this case, the data is only passed on if you instruct us to do so.

How secure is my data?

We manage all data in certified data centres in Switzerland. These are operated by the leading Swiss provider Exoscale. We continuously and automatically create backups for all data.

The technologies we work with are state of the art and are constantly checked for security vulnerabilities. We also take all the usual precautions to keep your data as secure as possible.

  • Highest security included
  • No worries about data leaks and losses

Is Denteo compliant with the current Swiss data protection law?

Yes. As an established company, compliance with the law is critical to our development. We welcome the increased requirements for a clear basis for data protection in Switzerland.

  • Legal certainty thanks to Denteo
  • Proactive attitude to changes in the law